Amazing Selling Machine Review

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  1. dac says:

    is this one of those “if its too good to be true …. ” sells jobs?

    • admin says:

      No, this is a real product with many success stories. I know 10 people personally who purchased it last March and they are happy with it. Keep watching as the next 2 videos and the full review is coming soon.

      Update: I’m a member of ASM now and it is really amazing. My product is online and selling now ;)

    • paul says:

      no it isnt im part of this and its fantastic

  2. charles thomas says:

    I’m being told that it cost upwards of $3,500.00 for your course but my question if i have a drop shipper and I have to pay him already for shipping and handling am i not paying double to ship to amazon and ten paying them shipping again to ship from their warehouse and what if i don’t have the money to stock their warehouse until I sell the product

    • admin says:

      Inside the membership there is a document called “100 Products You Can Start for $100″ that will help you.

      Matt and Jason do NOT recommend drop-shipping as a business model.

  3. Bern says:

    Can I use this technique also on ebay, etc ?

    • admin says:

      You can use the part of finding products and promotion only but overall NO. This is mainly to sell on Amazon using FBA but there’s a module for selling using your own merchant store on your own websites (this part may be similar to what you ask about)

  4. Mauricio says:

    I’m ready to buy the program!!

    how would I know when and where to purchase it ?

    I do not want to miss the opportunity !!!!

    Thank you very much.

  5. Harry says:

    Answer me this question then I am in,

    How how I get barcode for product to list on amazon ?

  6. Cody says:

    I know you cant get absolutes or really guarantee anything. All of these products always show the best of the best and that is great. its always fun to see people doing very well. My concern is that making an amount of money to quit a 9-5 is more of the exception then the norm. Are there numbers that show averages?

    • admin says:

      As you said, you can’t guarantee anything as it depends on your hard work but I see many people daily achieve $10k per month (there are more of course but this is the most common number). The screen shot I shared is the top 50 earners per month, #48 in this list makes $10k and only #49 and 50 make $5k per month.

  7. Kat says:

    Is this the real truth behind Amazon? You decide.

    Edit: I deleted the article as it’s available in the link you supplied.

    • admin says:

      This article proved one thing, Matt and Jason are geniuses!!
      Every single issue this writer talks about is covered in ASM training. You find how to sell up customers, how to build relations with customers and even with FBA, you can get the addresses and phone numbers of customers.

      You will learn how to build your brand and scale your business even outside Amazon (this is the last module of the training)

  8. Kat says:

    By way of this article , it seems Amazon is expensive, and you compete against them. I do have my own brand, my own product and i hesitate to consider Amazon and am looking for other venues. I’m small business. Possibly larger companies would do well -amazon selling machine is unrealistic to most.

    • admin says:

      Not true at all!!
      We all compete against amazon and most beat them. Some members got messages from Amazon asking them to purchase their product as a wholesale and still show their brands on them which is huge success.

  9. Grant says:

    Hi, I live in New Zealand and have watched the first 2 videos of The Amazing Selling Machine. I am looking forward to 3 and 4.

    Will there be an opportunity for me to become an ASM member and take part in the training programme? Is it online or will I need to travel somewhere overseas to participate?


    • admin says:

      Hi Grant,

      Yes’ you’ll get the opportunity to become an ASM member in April 17th (next Thursday at 1pm EST). Video 3 is next Monday and 4 is on Thursday. It’s an online training, you don’t need to travel anywhere.

      Only the live event which is 3 days in Vegas, USA next July but it’s streaming live online as well (I never gone there and watched it online last time, it was amazing!!)

    • paul says:

      hey grant there are quite a few of us here in NZ and we have a good group going on with lots of help on top of the main asm groups. very helpful with lots of successful people. the only overseas trip you need to make is the choice of going to asm live even or not. i went and it was definitely
      worth it despite the cost

      • Grant says:

        Hi Paul,

        Thanks for your reply. It’s great to know that there is a NZ group. I’m looking forward to becoming part of the NZ ASM community.

        As far as the training goes, do the modules have to be completed on specific days or within a designated time frame? It’s just that I travel occasionally for my job and I’d hate to miss out on a training session due to being unavailable at a certain time.

        • admin says:

          Hi Grant,

          However it is advised to follow the modules on time, you still can do it whenever you want, no obligatory times

  10. Gabby says:

    Has anyone got any idea how much it will be? Thousands? Hundreds? Some idea?

    • admin says:

      One payment of $3497 or 4 payments of $997

      • Gabby says:

        Bloody hell…..

        I thought it would be in the region of 200 bucks or so. I would probably go up to 1000 at a stretch.

        This is too much me and most others I would say. Why so much?

        These guys are multi millionaires, surely drop the price and allow tons more people to buy it.

        Why don’t they make it free and collect 10% of peoples profits somehow? That way every one is a winner.

        It’s greed.

        Think I will follow the vids etc and learn for myself.

        • admin says:

          There are two reasons:

          1- They give you real value training, 7 software and the live 3 day live event (how much do you think a live conference will cost?)

          2- This is for serious businessmen and businesswomen only and no serious business could be started without expenses.

          • Gabby says:

            I know but they said it doesn’t cost anything to start an Amazon business, but it costs 3500

          • admin says:

            It meant the exact Amazon business not the training (and it still cost couple of hundred bucks to start)

  11. HBrathe says:

    Can I get there an access to german users??

  12. Eucharist says:


    I live outside USA (in Europe). When it comes to getting paid from sales generated, is Amazon set-up to transfer money into accounts outside USA. Also, apart from the training cost what would be the approximate start-up cost (inventory build up etc.)?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance – Eucharist

    • admin says:

      Hello Eucharist,

      You will learn how to get paid from Amazon in Module 1 in details; it’s very easy process and if you stuck, I could help you with it. I’m from outside USA as well and already received payments from Amazon, so don’t worry at all about this issue.

      You will learn how to order a small test quantity (can be as low as $100) then grow your business as you go. But if we add the product images and copywriting, then it can cost from $300 to $500 to start (unless you have skills to create images and write good sales letter by yourself which you’ll learn the fundamentals of doing it in the training).

  13. Charlton says:

    $3497? Is this the prize of the ASM program. Wow for me thats a lot of money. i dont even go home with a $1000 at the end of each month. But to be honest its sad to say the program sounds really good.

  14. Barb Bunton says:

    I agree, That’s a lot of money to start a business, People like me live pay check to paycheck, I want to join, but I guess im out till this program lowers there start up fees. I will still watch the videos when they come out.

    • admin says:

      The price will never go down, this is the third opening and the same price. Every business has starting expenses, nothing is free. And trust me, only expensive trainingsvare are the ones that give you real value.

      • Gabby says:

        I really want to do this but I can’t right now. It’s a great investment I am sure but only for people with the money to start.

        It kinda keeps the average person out the game.

  15. Olivia says:

    Even the 4 installments are too much for most people. People want to make a change and better themselves, at first this program gives you hope but for those that don’t have the money it instantly makes you discouraged.I’ve been wanting to start a business for a while now and I thought that this program would be a breakthrough for me and my son but it’s not because I, like other people, just do not have the money upfront or that much for 4 installments. It’s a great program, I just wished it was more pocket friendly for those that have the potential to be “real business women and men.”

    • John says:

      I have just been on the Amazon website and all the information is on there how to start selling on Amazon. It’s a really comprehensive training package. The only thing it doesn’t say is how to source products, but that is no problem.

      How to get to the top of Amazon? That’s basic SEO really and getting comments.

      • admin says:

        You really think that? Did you make results with what you just said?

        • John says:


          No I haven’t tried it yet, but I am very good at SEO on Google and although rankings will be different, they won’t be hard to achieve.

          There are thousands of people making a fortune on Amazon so don’t tell me that all of them learned how to achieve results with the help of the Amazing selling machine!! No they learned how to do it for themselves.

          Ok, AMS will probably help anyone get to the top, but there are other ways. It is probably quicker and less hassle with AMS but not to the tune of three and a half thousand dollars!!!! 35 hundred dollars. WOW.

          I am interested, out of curiosity, how are your results? Can you say?

          I would love to get ASM but I can’t afford to but I still want to get into Amazon because I do believe profits can be fantastic.

          All the best to everyone and success..

          • admin says:

            First of all, ranking on Amazon has no relation to ranking in Google. I’m an SEO guy in first place, so you can take my word for that. The only similarity is the keywords in title!!

            Yes, many people are doing it alone on Amazon but have you asked them, how much they lost to find the right way?

            About my results, they were awesome in the beginning but I’m focused on my study at the moment and my exams are next month as I’m doing masters in medicine in addition to my original business (I just started Amazon business last December, however I’ll show 2 deals I just received on the launch day), so I’m not doing promotions to my Amazon product now, however it is still selling (in a category that turned out to be non lucrative “it was my mistake as I didn’t care for what older members have said and I even done another mistake when I tried to follow my mind which cost me $5000 that will be offered in a report in my bonus package”, you are lucky to have the profit spotlight from day 1).

            Also, there are hundreds of great results by other members (I’ll show some on launch day as well in addition to the screen shot already added).

            Anyway, I wish you best of luck with your journey.

  16. Grant says:

    Thanks Paul,

    BTW do you have an email group or something for the NZ members to bounce ideas off and support each other?

  17. Eucharist says:


    For those who work full time how much hours approximately per week does the training involves? And from your experience in order to start selling and managing the product successfully, can someone accomplish this on a part time basis at first? Thanks in advance for your assistance – Eucharist

    • admin says:

      Yes, it can be done part time and almost all members start this way. You can watch the training one hour per day if you don’t have time. And my advice, watch a video, apply what it teaches then move to the next video. Videos are short, most are less than 10 minutes to be easy to apply

  18. Joan Irvine says:

    What currency is the package priced in? USD? If you take the 4 payment plan what is the frequency of the payments?


    • admin says:

      Yes, USD. Frequency of the plan is once per month (4 months total).

      • Gav says:

        That’s great.

        Will I have access to the full course immediately or will I have to wait till the 4 payments have been paid to gain access?

        I can’t afford a one off payment but I am thinking that if I can pay for the first 1 or 2 payments, I can earn enough to pay for the other 2!!

        What do you say?

        Also, is there a full refund guarantee?



        • Sayed says:

          Hi Gav,

          Yes, you get access to everything, but you need to know that each week, a new module opens (this is for all members not only the 4 payments to allow members focus on the current step).

          Also, yes there is a 30 days money-back guarantee.

          • Gav says:

            Thanks for the reply,

            Just curious then, you replied to Sayed that some people make money in less than a month. Well how long do these once a week modules go on for? If they go on for 8 weeks then it is impossible to make money in a month!! or am I missing something.

            Also, with the guarantee, once again, if the modules go on for 8 weeks, how can you get a refund after 30 days?

            I am a super quick learner and want to go as fast as I can. That means I will have to wait for the next module every week.

            Cheers Gav.

          • Sayed says:

            Hi Gav,

            You can make money after a month as the first 4 weeks are for getting your product live “as you will see in the detailed review tomorrow God welling ;)”. The next 4 modules are to leverage your business, so you can start making money in 4 weeks but the bigger money will come after finishing the 8 modules steps.

            About the guarantee, I guess 4.5 weeks are more than enough to judge the training, right?

            You won’t have time, don’t worry :) You can learn the entire module in 1 day but you will be applying it the next 5 days then the coaching call on the 7th day.

          • Gav says:

            Sorry, you are Sayed. Beg your pardon.

  19. Derek says:

    Plus, once you pay $3500 for the program, you will have to have money to purchase inventory, UPC, shipping, etc..

    • Sayed says:

      First UPC is free with the course. You are advised to make small inventory order for about $100 or so which will be nearly the same as shipping. The rest can be done by yourself if you have time and skills or you can outsource it.

  20. Eli says:

    If i where to Purchase your Program how quickly will i be able to make the money back spent on the course? And will the Program supply EVERYTHING i need to start a successful online Business through Amazon?

    • Sayed says:

      It depends on your product and your work. Some people reached $10K per month in less than a month while others needed 6 months to do it and others didn’t reach it. All I can tell you that you can have your product online in one month if you have a US supplier and 2 months if you go with overseas suppliers. Just follow the training step-by-step and you’ll be able to be there.

    • Sayed says:

      You can have your product live in 4 weeks (with US suppliers) or 8 weeks (with overseas suppliers), after that, you can start making sales. How much is depending on your performance really.

      Yes, the training covers everything you need to know to build your business, software will help your promotions and community will help in any issues “of course, you still need inventory and to create your product listing :)”

  21. Grant says:

    I’m going to be out of the country on business around the time the first training module comes online. How long do I have to be able to access it?
    Does it close off after a certain time or do I have complete access to each module for an extended length of time?

  22. Olivia says:

    When is the next time the opportunity roles around?

  23. LC says:

    Beyond the $3497, are there any additional upsells?

  24. Tammie says:

    So, is this a lifetime purchase or do you have to pay additional membership fees later?

    • Sayed says:

      Lifetime, no other fees (Matt said that there might be a small maintainance fees for the software tools after 2 years, but still a theory).

  25. Malcolm H. Melancon says:

    I went to the site and now can’t get back to it. I have already paid for the kit and cant get back to the website for the videos and web courses and forum can you give me the URL for the site.

    • Sayed says:

      The site was temporarily down because of server overload. You should have received an email from Matt and Jason with your access details.

  26. Joan Irvine says:

    I am one of the orders that have fallen through the cracks! I ordered my membership around 2PM EDT and still have not received the promised email with links etc…..I figure your server was likely swamped!!

  27. Joan Irvine says:

    No but I will right now…thanks!

  28. Joan Irvine says:

    Nothing in my junk…well a couple of e-mails but not pertaining to my registration! I did go through Anik’s link on his page so maybe that had something to do with it??


  29. Gary says:

    Hi, I am having trouble ordering through the website link… looks like I will need to call in to place the ASM order. Who should I say referred me so that you get credit and I get those bonuses you have offered?
    Thanks, Gary

  30. Steven T Masters says:

    I am sure there is “some great” info in the course but if you read the promo “students earned 7.8 million”. They claim to have thousands of students. Then listen later on one student made over half the earnings claim. $3,500 great money grab I wish I could do it.

  31. Eucharist says:

    Hi, does the course covers also how to buy a product with a discount say from e-bay (without having to do private labelling etc.) and then sell at a higher price on Amazon? Eucharist

  32. Eucharist says:

    Hi, if someone with a very hectic full time job, would like to take this course rather slowly, say spending 4 hours per week, would one would miss any important aspects of the course such as the live coaching calls? Would these be recorded? Eucharist

    • Sayed says:

      You can do it whenever you want even if 4 hours per month (but of course, this will slow the results). Everything is recorded and available in members area even the live event.

  33. Brett says:


    Two quick questions… once a product ranks well does it need continual maintenance to keep it there?

    I honestly don’t mean this in a bad way so please don’t take it that way…. if you guys who know how to do this just actually apply your own skills to amazon and make decent cash, why would you bother training others (like me) to do the same. As ultimately people (you and me) are out to make a buck to get through life, not overly to go out of our way to help others….. why not just make your money using your amazon skills and cruise through life, why bother spending time making courses (which i know isn’t easy) and you end up dealing with what potentially could be annoying and rude customers (some who have posted above by the looks of it, haha).

    Thanks heaps for your time.

    • Sayed says:

      Hi Brett,

      For first question, you’ll need to continue promoting but not that much like the beginnings. Think about Pepsi for example, we all know them, but did they stop promotions? They know if they stop promoting, Coca Cola will crush them, got my point?

      For the second question, it is business my friend and if you are passionate about something, you’ll want to share it with others (specially when I know it won’t hurt me which is the case with the huge Amazon business). And in addition, this is not a free course ;)

  34. Ben Milner says:

    Would love to join this. The price is high, but I think it would be worth it. I don’t think I would be able to get a loan approved on time in order to join, as it closes in 2 days – and I would need a loan just to get in. Maybe next year :/

  35. K.B.S says:

    Do they take rainchecks? The price is $3497 but the 4 payment plan makes you pay $3988. Why? Can you pay the first 997, and then pay the rest with your profits?

  36. Demian zur Strassen says:

    Hi, I live in Ecuador (which has no double tax treayty with the US). So I guess that the IRS will withhold 30% of the profits via Amazon. Am I right on that? Thanks, Demian

    • Sayed says:

      I’m not sure, but I guess no as I’m in the same situation like you here in Egypt and my Amazon money come in full. Nothing is withheld.

  37. Lucky says:

    This must be a great program. Unfortunately i was too late.
    I would like to receive a message when the next one is coming up.

  38. Joseph M Adams says:

    let me know when Amazing Selling Machine opens back up

  39. Leny Freeman says:

    I joined the Amazing Selling Machine October 2013. I am doing the courses and selling a product on Amazon. The value in ASM is what you learn from this course but also what you learn from your experience in applying the lessons and what you learn from associating with others in the private Facebook page. You learn to build a business but it takes work and dedicating your time to doing something every day. It’s a process.

    Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is easy money. It is not. We are all tempted by the Lure Of Easy Money, there are few exceptions and you are probably not one of them. The Lure Of Easy Money is what draws people into lotteries, gambling, stock market training, real estate courses, MLM etc. Except for lotteries, all the above mentioned have very successful people because they work hard at it. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

    Some people get lucky and pick the right product and it flies off the shelves. Then many find out about the product and they jump in. The dynamic is changing and will change when more and more people learn these techniques. The techniques known by the minority will be known by the majority. Then the competitive edge will be less effective.

    Some ASM people are now making good money selling the ASM course and getting a 50% commission. During the promotion period before I got in they were saying “we may never open this up again” and 6 months later it opened up again.

    I’m glad I got in but I’ve still got a lot of work to do before realizing a profit. If you are NOT prepared to work, you will be disappointed, give up and will be one of the many thousands of whiners on the Internet crying out “SCAM”. If you ARE prepared to work, you will change in the process, and your life will change as well. Hope this helps.

    Leny Freeman

  40. Olivia says:

    Where do I find the form to fill out to be notified of when ASM opens again?

  41. Viren says:

    Hello, I am Orignaly an Indian living in Phillipinnes,i heard about this programme from my friends who enrolled in ASM and are making good money in it,before i wanted to jump into it.can this course be used to sell on other to choose the right product to sell ,whats the initial investment one has to make to start selling and what kind of volumes u need to set ? how to source the right product ? if said doing all the right things ? how much can u make an average in the beginning,investing 4k for a ourse is a big amount.i wanna be assured of the future results i get from it.thanks

  42. Zaid says:

    If I bought products from suppliers so how can I send it to Amazon’s warehouse ?
    do I need to send the products in my country first then send it again to Amazon?

    waiting your answers

    • Sayed says:

      No, you’ll learn inside ASM how to send it directly to Amazon or to an address in USA to check your inventory then send them to Amazon

  43. Tunde Aileru says:

    Hi there,

    Getting in to the training is closed for now… While we wait till next opening I would give this a try using the profitspotlight to find a product and also get a good supplier. What I would love to know some other details as ; Amazon allowing someone from Nigeria to sell, the payment portal that is allowed on Amazon , how to remit my profit back to Nigeria, the tax am supposed to pay and all other information or obstacles you crossed selling from Egypt as a sister african country.

    Would appreciate if you can help with this information. Thanks You.

    • Sayed says:

      Sorry, for the late reply, but this site is no longer active. But for you, yes you can sell from any place in the world. You will need a Payoneer card to receive your money on (very easy step you’ll learn inside the training). Taxes is dependent on your country (Amazon has no regulations for our countries, just US). Profit spotlight is part of the training that will reopen in April.

  44. Gemma says:

    Hi I live in the UK and would like to attend the course online (I cannot physically attend the course in int USA.

    Can you tell me how much the course will cost as an international person?


    • Sayed says:

      The training is online for all members, and only 3 days live event in USA (there’s live streaming as well). Price was $3497 last time, I’m not sure about the price of the new version

  45. mooudi91 says:

    Hi, i live in Austria and would ask if this programm is working from anywhere?
    Can i also selling in the usa?
    What will the training cost is it 3500€ and is the programm available in april and how many days can i buy it from that day?
    And i know my english is not perfect, but i will learning it.


    • Sayed says:

      Wie geht’s in Osterreich? :D

      Yes, you can work from any place in the world and you can sell to USA.
      It used to be $3497. It will be available only for 8 days this April.

      Please if you have any more questions, visit our new site:

  46. mooudi91 says:

    Ja mir gehts sehr gut schönes Wetter haben wir in Österreich haha :-D.

    Another Question when i buy it for 3500 dollar can i use it for a livelong or would it be just for a year?

  47. mooudi91 says:


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